Outgoing Loan Policy

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The National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA) evolved out of a commitment to awaken the City of Chicago to the wealth and breadth of the Mexican culture as well as to stimulate and preserve the appreciation of the arts of Mexico in the city’s large Mexican community.

The NMMA is the first Mexican cultural center/museum in the Midwest and the largest in the nation.  The Museum has the following goals: to sponsor special events and exhibits that exemplify the rich variety in visual and performing arts found in the Mexican culture; to develop a significant permanent collection of Mexican art; to encourage the professional development of local Mexican artists; and to offer arts education programs.

The National Museum of Mexican Art serves as a cultural focus for the more than 1.3 million Mexicans residing in the Chicago land area and also serves as a cultural ally to other Latino cultural groups in the City.

To fulfill this mission, it maintains a highly qualified staff who insure proper collection care and management, and who facilitate the use of the collection for research and exhibitions. The loan policy and the procedures for its implementation have been developed to maintain the integrity of the NMMA’s collection.


  1. NMMA lends only properly accessioned and catalogued material.
  2. NMMA lends only to institutions.
  3. All loan requests must be approved by the Permanent Collection Committee after a completed A.A.M. Standard Facility Report has been submitted by the borrowing institution.
  4. The borrowing institution’s loan agreement shall be used and modified as necessary.
  5. All loans are subject to the terms outlined on the borrower’s loan agreement; any additional restrictions or special requirements deemed appropriate by NMMA will be noted on the aforementioned document.
  6. Loans are generally made for a period of three months but no less than one month. Loan renewals will be reconsidered by the Permanent Collection Committee at which time the piece must be made available to the NMMA for condition reporting. Any exceptions must be approved in writing.
  7. All loans returned to NMMA must be packed and shipped in the manner in which they left NMMA unless alternate arrangements are made and agreed upon in writing.
  8. The borrowing institution will provide NMMA with 2 complimentary copies of any exhibition catalogue or other publication that discusses the loan object as well as digital or hard copies of photographs of the exhibition, which depict the loan object(s) on view.
  9. Installation photography by the borrowing institution for documentary and publicity purposes is permitted. Photography by the general public while the loan in on display is prohibited.


To satisfy the requirements of both lender and borrower the NMMA has developed the following loan procedures:

  1. All requests must be submitted in writing on institutional letterhead and addressed to the Registrar/Permanent Collection Director. Because the amount of time needed to process loans will vary, the borrower is advised to check with the Registrar/Permanent Collection Director to determine the amount of preliminary work involved in beginning to process the loan. Requests for exhibition purposes must stipulate the nature of the exhibition, requested duration of the loan period, a list of the objects, and any other details pertinent to the request. NMMA considers loans involving 10 or more objects from NMMA as a traveling exhibition with a rental fee based upon the costs involved in organizing the exhibition.
  2. Following consideration by the Permanent Collection Committee, the borrower is provided with a preliminary estimate of costs and informed of borrowing responsibilities and restrictions.
  3. All loans require a minimum of six months to process from the time that the final list of requested objects is submitted to the Registrar/Permanent Collection Director. Payment of fees may be requested in advance.
  4. Each object or group of objects to be lent is documented on the borrower’s loan agreement.  The borrower’s loan agreement may be amended if it is judged not to be in conformity with NMMA’s own loan agreement.
  5. The loan agreement must be signed by the Director or Registrar of the borrowing institution.
  6. Specifications of the loan return are to be made at the time of the initial loan negotiation. Notification of the return is to be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Arrangements are to be made with the NMMA staff according to policy and the conditions of the loan.


The fees charged for the administration and preparation of loans enable NMMA to provide loans. The borrower is also responsible for the traditional costs incurred by a loan, including packing, shipping, and insurance. When necessary, additional fees relating to insurance and shipping will be assessed.

Administrative           $100 loan processing fee and $50 per object fee. These fees cover 

Services                      locating collections, review by appropriate staff, and registrarial

procedures to process, pack, ship, monitor, receive, and return collections to storage upon completion. It also includes all documentation required for the loan.

Conservation             If necessary, NMMA will hire a trained conservator to stabilize or

to treat a requested loan object. The conservator’s fee will be incurred by the borrowing institution.

Appraisal Fees           Fees incurred in having loan objects appraised will be paid

(as required)              by the borrower.

Insurance                   The borrower will carry an All Risk Fine Arts “Wall to Wall,” insurance policy covering the object at the value indicated on the loan agreement for the duration of the loan period. Proof of insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance must be received by NMMA’s Registrar/Permanent Collection Director before the objects requested for loan can leave the premises. In the case of loan renewals, the borrower will furnish a current Certificate of Insurance at the same time the request for renewal is made. Should the borrower not have fine arts insurance coverage as stipulated above, NMMA will cover the objects under its own policy and will charge the borrower for the cost.

Packing                      The packing method will be stipulated by NMMA. The following costs will be borne by the borrower:

  1. If packed commercially, the vendor’s charges for material and labor.
  2. If packed in-house, the cost of material and additional personnel as needed.

Shipping/Customs     Shipping will be arranged by the borrower and must be approved by NMMA’s Registrar/Permanent Collection Director. All transportation/customs costs will be paid by the borrower.

Courier                       The borrower is responsible for a courier fee of $80 per day per

(as required)              person or $40 per half-day per person, plus transportation costs and accommodations.

Photography              All publication-quality photography arrangements must be made in advance and with NMMA’s approval. NMMA’s fee schedule will apply. If necessary, charges to hire an outside photographer will be borne by borrower.

Traveling                    Costs to be determined by NNMA


                                    All fees are subject to change without notice.



September 28, 2007