Museum in the Classroom

Artist Residencies

The Museum’s Education Department has the capacity to send teaching artists to schools during the school day to engage students in culturally relevant art making for approximately twelve to sixteen sessions.   Depending on the teacher’s schedule, sessions can take place once or twice a week.  Through peer interaction, discussion groups, studio work, and formal presentation, the artist residencies help teachers and students gain new ideas and insights that can be applied to the continued creation of socially conscious art.  All of the residencies are focused on art and culture, and are integrated and connected into the teacher’s existing curricular goals.

A full residency program includes: a teacher professional development meeting at the Museum, a teacher planning meeting at the school, 12-16 art making sessions in the classroom with a teaching artist, a museum visit, a family exhibition night at the Museum and an optional parent workshop. 


Fall Session:                   September - November

Winter Session:              January - March

Spring Session:              March - May

Residency fees vary from $1500 to $5000 per school depending on number of students served and the complexity of projects.  Fees may be partly or completely reduced if grant funds are available.  A grants-based residency can serve up to three classrooms per school at a reduced cost.  A sliding scale is applied based on school need.  Schools must contact the Education Department to check grant availability.