After-school Art Classes

Since 2004, the Education Department has been offering high quality, year-round after-school classes through grant partnerships with Chicago Public Schools.  Classes include visual arts, dance, theater and music, and integrate reading and writing.  Currently, our after-school art programs range from four days a week for thirty weeks a year to two days a week for ten to twelve weeks.  Depending on program goals, after school programs can have additional components such as parent classes and workshops, family enrichment activities, teacher professional development and mentor/art apprentice components.  The program’s core curriculum focuses on art making, art literacy and interpretation, cultural understanding, social justice and critical thinking, and family and community engagement.

After-school program fees start at $1500.  Fees vary depending on length and complexity of program, and number of students served.  Most after-school programs are free to schools with economic need thanks to the gracious support of various funders.  We also offer a sliding scale payment option.